Sunday, May 12, 2013

Top 3 hair care treatment tips at home

Hair treatment care treatment tips

Hair treatment at home

Extreme using of hair style fashion items , the warm sunlight and air pollution can easily cause damage to your hair . Hair treatments from shops is generally costly and offer chemical substances which could further damage your current hair . Home-based hair care treatments are not any of them costly nor do they really spoil your hair .

3 hair care treatment tips at home for shiny hair

Home hair care treatment

Have a shot at these types of homemade hair care treatments  -

1.Use mild olive-oil or even coconut oil into the scalp together with hair . Let it stay all night and hair shampoo like standard . 

2.To have immediate sparkle , blend 2 eggs in a tablespoon of milk as well as put on on your hair . Rinse out your hair after 10 minutes . 

3.Absorb some kind of fenugreek seeds in liquid but keep it all night . Crush it and also rub this liquid paste on scalp and hair as well as let it stay for 15-20 minutes . Rinse it off with a gentle hair shampoo . This liquid paste is excellent to reduce dandruff , serious hair loss also receding of look of your hair .

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