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Top 3 Tips for Perfect Hair Color

EVERYONE NEEDS color When I worked in a salon, many years ago, I would recommend hair color tips to all my clients. Really, that's the truth. I believe that even if you just add the same color or tint that you already have, meaning the color that's naturally on your head, it will give your hair certain brand-new dimension .


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The Color scale
THE COLOR SCALE I know I've been talking about color levels, and you may be a little confused. But it's really pretty simple: Black is 1, blonde is 12, and everything else is in between. (Just kidding.) It normally goes like this: 

Hair color scale

Chossing your color tips

hair color

1.Pick Hair Colors Based On Your Skin Tone.
Thinking picking out a hair color that actually works great for your skin tone ? Definitely , here’s number one tip that’s gonna help it become incredibly easier.Right now , I’m sure every one of you already is aware of your skin tone very well to decide whether it drops under the “warm” or even “cold” type which surely is one thing you’ll have to focus on when choosing the perfect hair color

2.First things first: Look at the color on the box! But here's the secret: What you see on the box is not usually what you get. Why? Because this color on the box was put on hair that was previously lightened!!! 

hair coloring

Get it? In other words, that color was applied to bleached, dyed hair, tinted hair, whatever you want to call it. (I love that they don't want to call it dyed.) Anyway, it starts with that treatment, and then they apply the color that is on the box.
If, for example, you are looking at a box of color like 8g warm medium blonde, and you have light brown hair, that box will not give you 8g warm blonde! Why? Because that 8g on the box was done on a head of hair that was bleached, not on light brown hair! If you want that 8g warm medium blonde color, then what do you think you need? Right: You have to go lighter,or even higher. That 8g will probably give you just one shade of lift, and maybe not even that.

So in this case, if you are medium brown and want to go to medium blonde or a light blonde, I would first go to your salon and find out from your hairdresser what would be the right color for you. Be honest, if you can't afford him or her every month, then say so. 

3.Your hairdresser would probably counsel you regarding exactly what number to purchase ,and also,without a doubt ,almost all shade has a number linked to it , particularly the types you buy in the superstore or the drug store .For those who have any kind of question concerning coloring your own personal hair. 

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Obviously, if you are already having your hair colored at a salon, then you don't even need to read this section. But you never know, there might be something here that could save you a few bucks. Basically, though, I'm speaking to those who do their own color at home. Read on for a few more color tips.

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